Our genre-breaking graphic novel and guided journal, launching January 2023

“At first thought a graphic novel doesn’t seem like the thing that will revolutionise the way kids think about their future and adults think about kids.  But this book has the potential to do both of those things.  Finding self-esteem, finding the things that make you who you are, finding the things you’re really good at: these are the keys that will unlock potential.  This book is all about that journey, and especially it’s about how you can help yourself to start that journey.  It’s worth reading for that alone.” 

Chris Smith, Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge and former Secretary for State for Culture, Media and Sport

The uncertainty of the future is a challenge we all face, especially young people. In 2019, 28% of the UK’s 15-18yr olds and 44% undergraduates had no idea on what they wanted to do next (Young Minds 2020). This uncertainty intensified since the pandemic. Now, 86% of young people are suffering low self-esteem and 76% depression (Place2Be 2022).

Parents and guardians are also confused and overwhelmed about how to help and give advice as the job market is constantly evolving with many new careers and pathways (Talking Futures 2022).

[Re]Start’s been co-created by a group 16-60 years old, to bring the best insights from a diverse group of people. This collaboration makes the story, content and design more relevant and impactful. After developing the initial concept and script, James recruited Eddy, Julia and Latreya (they were 22, 21 and 25 at the time) to co-creatively develop the story further.

Over 45 young people 16-24yrs have been involved in creating [Re]Start. Illustrators, animators, graphic designers, students, marketeers, researchers, filmmakers, and those eager to learn…

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